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Part of our pledge with this podcast of ours is helping you get where you need to go.
Whether it's in working our where your future lies or finding out how to get there, we're doing all we can to make sure the information is accessible and you can make the best choice for YOU. No limits. 
We've done our best to find a list of our partners who offer work experience or internship placements. For advice and information on different careers straight from the horse's mouth, why not give some of our episodes a listen?
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Work Experience
Unpaid, short term positions so you can get a feel for what a job involves and see whether it works for you
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Paid positions with companies for those looking to gain real experience of a working environment
There may be more out there if you search for them, these are just what we found to show you what's available
Some bursaries we found to help make your journey a little easier
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