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10 exercises using just 1 pole to make the most of your isolation time

Want to make the most of all this extra time with good ground before competing restarts but don't want to do anything high impact to reduce the risk of accident?

We thought the same thing - and with only one hour of exercise to do it in what better way to make the most of this time than trying these 10 exercises with just one pole!

Set up the pole on the centre line

· Ride a 20 metre circle at A or C going over the middle of the pole, work on accuracy by asking for a transition over the pole.

· Ride 10 meter circles at E and B, the pole helps to keep the circle the correct size.

· Ride across the E-B line, see if you can halt over the pole with two feet on each side. Try to do this without looking to develop feel for where your horse’s feet are.

· Walk along the pole and ride a turn on the forehand around the end, this helps you to reduce how much your horse moves by giving yourself a point.


Walk along the pole with and move your horse across in walk to improve coordination.

Set up the pole on the E-B line

· Ride down the centre line and line up with the centre of the pole to make sure you’re straight.

· Ride changes of rein across the diagonal, this encourages your horse to hold a line on an angle, perfect prep for cross country.

· 10 metre circle at E or B, going over the pole encourages the horse to think about their feet.

· Change the rein with two half 10m circles, having the pole encourages you to ride straight for two steps so your circles are the right shape.

Ride a 20 metre circle in the middle of the school and spiral down to a 10 metre circle around the pole and then move back out onto the large circle. The pole helps you to visualise the smaller circle so it doesn't get too tight.

Let us know how you get on with these exercises, did we miss one!? Drop us a line and let us know!

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