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The logo for The Pony Podcast: on the right of the image is the title: The Pony Podcast, and below, "Educating, Informing and Entertaining, One Ridiculous Episode at a Time". To the right of both is the outline of two horses talking over a microphone. This all appears in white over a turquoise background


Podcast episode cover photo of Diarmund Byrne, founder of data analysis company, Equiratings, giving a talk

Diarm Byrne on starting a company with his Economist Eventer best friend from uni based entirely on statistical analysis of horse sport despite having never sat on a horse, having a degree in law and a steady career already lined up

... But whoever wanted a steady career.

Great British Equestrian Harry Meade stands in front of Badminton House at the horse trials
Harry Meade
Fitness & Recovery

The King of Cross Country himself, Tess has seen first hand the attention to detail that goes into his horses' fitness so there was really nobody else we could talk to on the subject. From walk work to galloping and how to help them recover from a run, Harry's experience is something everyone can learn from.

PR Guru Katie Lawrence talks us through what REALLY matters in making it on social media. Is it likes? Is it follows? Is it comments? Only one way to find out...

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